National lockdown ending in England – what this means for children’s activities

30.11.2020 – An update regarding the new guidance for England from 2nd December by ICAP:

Over the past week the Government in England have released new guidelines and details regarding the tiered system that will follow the end of the current lockdown period. These guidelines will apply from 2nd December.

They also released tiering details of all areas across England. Check what tier your area falls under here.

We’re pleased to confirm that children’s activities are exempt from gathering limits across ALL tiers and providers can continue/resume in person classes, clubs and activity services from (and including) 2nd December.

We’ve highlighted the key exemption details below, but we recommend you read through the Government guidelines and linked legislation document clearly and if you have any doubt, contact your local council and Environmental Health team for clarification. 

Note, you will still need to ensure social distancing measures, risk assessments, a track and trace system, increased cleaning and any other provision to ensure safe running of activities.

Exemptions from gatherings limits in all tiers

  • as part of a single household, or a support bubble
  • for work or providing voluntary or charitable services, including in other people’s homes
  • for childcare, education or training – meaning education and training provided as part of a formal curriculum
  • for supervised activities provided for children, including wraparound care (before and after-school childcare), groups and activities for under 18s, and children’s playgroups
  • for formal support groups, and parent and child groups – up to 15 people aged 5 and older
  • to allow contact between birth parents and children in care, as well as between siblings in care
  • for arrangements where children do not live in the same household as both their parents or guardians
  • for prospective adopting parents to meet a child or children who may be placed with them
  • for birth partners
  • to attend a funeral – with no more than 30 people present – or a commemorative event such as a wake for someone who has died – with no more than 15 people present
  • to see someone who is terminally ill or at the end of life
  • to attend a wedding or civil partnership – with no more than 15 people present
  • to provide emergency assistance
  • to avoid injury or illness, or to escape a risk of harm
  • to fulfil a legal obligation, such as attending court or jury service
  • to provide care or assistance to someone vulnerable or to provide respite for a carer
  • to facilitate moving home

Link to latest guidelines on local restrictions (including exemption excerpt above)

Link to legislation document

We will endeavour to continue following the guidelines closely as and when they are updated and will release a further statement where appropriate.

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