[UPDATE] National lockdown in England – what this means for children’s activities

3/11/2020 – An update regarding the November lockdown from ICAP:

Since our last email (Sun 1st November) in reference to the national lockdown for England due to commence on Thursday 5th November, we have received unconfirmed reports on the following:

1. Providers operating educational services in schools will be allowed to continue their in-curricular activity services throughout the lockdown period (on agreement with each school)

2. Baby and toddler groups will be classed as ‘support groups’ and therefore allowed to continue operating with up to 15 people (including children)

These are coming from various sources, but as stated remain unconfirmed and unclear still.

Overall this is promising news for many, however, we are still recommending providers exercise caution until official guidance and possible exemption is detailed by the Government.

We still anticipate many venues still likely closing from Thursday, therefore moving online or closing for the month may be the only viable option available to you.  You may also need to consider moral obligations given the current situation.

Some of you will have seen a relatively viral social media post and email that was sent out to thousands of activity providers and subsequently many more thousands of parents across the UK from a source in the sector. While well intentioned, this may have caused further confusion across the sector. You may well hear from some parents saying they have been ‘told’ you can still operate face to face, but this is a little premature.

Our advice at this stage (Tue 3rd November) is to be patient until official guidelines are released.

We understand the Department for Education intend to release more detailed guidance today, or more likely tomorrow. We continue to seek advice from official sources. 

We will endeavour to get a further update to you at the earliest opportunity.

Here is a link to the lockdown guidelines released over the weekend. We wish you the best of luck over the coming weeks and should you need any support, clarification or advice, please reach out and we will do our best to answer all enquiries.

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