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Watch and discover insights from experts on how to better run your children’s activity business

Customer Experience: How a fresh perspective can help you leap forward

In this talk, we welcome Theo Millward of Swimtime UK and Franscape who will be discussing his approach to running an award winning swim school business using technology and data to drive and scale operations, and improve customer experience.

Building a business for the long haul and creating a lasting legacy

ICAP Founder Andy Georgiou is joined by two veterans of the children’s activity sector, Sasha Felix (Sing and Sign) and Charlotte Salter (Debutots) to discuss what it takes to grow a business that is built to last. Some great insights into how they got started and what has made them successful.

Why SEO matters and how to get more customers seeing you

We are joined by SEO expert Chris Ryu from Dorset Tech to discuss the what, why and how of search engine optimisation with some great practical advice for children’s activity providers to take away and start actioning on their websites today.

Four cornerstones and one underlying factor for success in your activity business

We are joined by ICAP Founder and Children’s Activity Specialist Andy Georgiou discussing a theory of what makes a successful children’s activity provider, with discussion on four factors he has seen in all successful children’s activity brands, and talks about the importance of one key element all business owners must develop.

The Future of the Under 5's / Baby & Toddler Activity Market

Guest Panel Event – ICAP Founder and webinar host Andy Georgiou is joined by a panel of guests to discuss what the immediate and longer term future may hold for those who work with children under the age of 5 in nursery settings, community classes and public events.

The experienced panel includes; Caroline Crabbe (Jo Jingles), Mel Thomas/Ellie Baker (Bilinguasing), Bea Waterfield (Baby College) and Sara Tateno (

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