Meet our Trusted Partners

We have partnered with a number of carefully selected suppliers to the children's activity sector and secured special offers for ICAP members.


Can you tell us all about d&t? 

d&t Chartered Franchise Accountants and Finance Brokers is a UK-based accounting firm located in Swindon, Wiltshire. The firm provides a range of accounting, taxation, and advisory services including business planning and funding to businesses and individuals across a range of sectors, including franchising and the children’s education sector. d&t are specialists in LLP formation and VAT exemption for private tuition.

Some of the services offered by d&t include:

LLP Private Tuition VAT Exemption: d&t understand the criteria inside and out, helping businesses to run under the correct legislation to be exempt from VAT.

Accounting and bookkeeping services: d&t provides accounting and bookkeeping services to help clients manage their financial records and comply with tax and accounting regulations.

Tax planning and compliance: The firm offers tax planning and compliance services to help clients minimize their tax liability and stay up-to-date with the latest tax regulations.

Business advisory services: d&t provides a range of business advisory services, including strategic planning, financial forecasting, and business valuations, to help clients achieve their business goals.

Audit and assurance services: d&t offers audit and assurance services to help clients ensure the accuracy and integrity of their financial statements.

Payroll and HR services: The firm provides payroll and HR services to help clients manage their employees’ salaries, benefits, and compliance with employment regulations.

Business Planning and Funding: d&t provides bank-recommended independent Business Plans, by a team of experts to help clients focus on the steps necessary to make business ideas succeed. 

Asset Finance: allowing businesses to grow by acquiring much needed equipment.

d&t Chartered Accountants has a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are committed to providing high-quality, personalised services to clients. d&t has a strong reputation for delivering reliable and effective accounting and financial solutions to businesses all over the UK.

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

Similarly to d&t, ICAP and their community stands out for its inclusivity and collaboration; again, like d&t it aims to provide a comprehensive package of services and benefits to its clients, while supporting them and helping them to grow and manage their businesses effectively. d&t are proud to partner with ICAP and look forward to supporting their members in several ways:

Access to expertise: ICAP members can benefit from our specialised accounting expertise, helping them navigate the complex financial and tax issues that are unique to the children’s activity sector and the franchise sector.

Industry-specific advice: ICAP members can benefit from industry-specific advice from our team of experts, who have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing both sectors.

Enhanced credibility: ICAP members can benefit from the enhanced credibility that comes from working with a reputable firm of accountants. With over 30 years’ experience and 20 years in the franchise industry, this can help them build trust with their clients and differentiate themselves from competitors.

ICAP members receive a discount on your first year’s Accountancy for Limited Companies and LLPs when you sign up for 2 years. PLUS Second year at this year’s prices! Check the members’ area for details. 

Meet Andrew Walters - Founder of Kindling Franchise Consultants

Kindling Franchise Consultants

Can you tell us all about Kindling Franchise Consultants?

Kindling is a boutique consulting firm, specialised in working with Children’s Activity providers. We are led by founder Andrew Walters, one of the UK’s most respected experts in franchising with close to two decades of experience in senior management at some of the UK’s best kids and education brands including Stagecoach Performing Arts, Pitman Training and Mad Science. 

We provide a range of services to business of all sizes and all budgets, and have worked with more than 20 children’s activity brands over the past 12 months in a variety of ways. We know that many providers struggle with the management, or financial side of the business. That’s why we believe in sharing best practice from the best in the industry that our clients can implement in simple steps in order to grow and thrive. 

Whether you are looking to dip your toes into franchising, looking to professionalise your operations, for a mentor to help you to grow strategically or perhaps to take the first step internationally – we’ve got your back.

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

The children’s activity space in the UK is flourishing and is made up of businesses of all shapes and size. We firmly believe in the ICAP vision that we are all better when we work together collectively and are excited to share our years of experience with the amazing businesses that make up the ICAP membership.

As an ICAP member, you will benefit from a free 30-minute consulting session on franchising your business or international expansion, plus a 5% discount on any consulting service packages. Check the members’ area for details. 

Meet Jenni Dunman - CEO of Daisy First Aid

Daisy First Aid

Can you tell us all about Daisy First Aid?

Daisy first aid is the leading first aid training centre for children’s activity providers in the UK.

We believe that anyone looking after children should have paediatric first aid training.

Whether you need an ofsted compliant paediatric first aid course or an activity provider duty of care certificate, we provide excellent training in over 700 locations and online.

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

We think the safeguarding and well-being of children within this industry is paramount. Being a partner of ICAP means we can actively do our bit to help maintain the high standards of every member and offer support to the brilliant businesses who are equally committed to  taking care of the next generation

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

We think the safeguarding and well-being of children within this industry is paramount. Being a partner of ICAP means we can actively do our bit to help maintain the high standards of every member and offer support to the brilliant businesses who are equally committed to  taking care of the next generation

As an ICAP member you will receive a 10% discount off our duty of care certificates and 50% off our online courses including Safeguarding, Infection control and Risk assessment in the early years setting. Check the members’ area for details. 


Can you tell us all about Happity?

Trusted by 1.6m parents and over 5,500 providers, Happity is the UK’s leading platform for baby and toddler classes.

It’s FREE to get listed – there are no registration fees, and no obligation to take bookings. With our powerful search and filtering tools, much-loved parent blog, and regular newsletters, we’re committed to putting your classes right in front of local families who will love them.

Since 2017, our co-founders Sara and Emily have been on a mission to end parent loneliness, by helping providers like you launch, manage, and market their wonderful classes. We’d love for you to join us. 

Find out more at:

Meet Andy Georgiou - ICAP's founder, and director of Fransquared.


Can you tell us all about Fransquared? 

Fransquared is a specialist franchise development and recruitment agency run by ICAP Founder Andy Georgiou. Fransquared works with some of the UK’s most ambitious businesses in the education, children’s activities, sports and fitness sectors. 

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

The aims of promoting best practice, collaboration and driving positive change are something we are strongly aligned to as an organisation and feel being an ICAP partner will allow us to give back to one of the most important sectors in the UK for the wellbeing and development of children.

As an ICAP member you will receive 5% off consultation project fees. Check the members’ area for details.


FranScape is a multi award winning Franchise Management platform specialising in children’s activity businesses. 

Want your customers to be able to book from as little as 60 seconds, using a mobile phone? How about industry leading automation as your business grows? Then FranScape is the solution for you.

FranScape already serves hundreds of businesses bringing together powerful data to help them thrive. Why not join them today?

To find out more, contact Theo at FranScape and quote ‘ICAP’.

As an ICAP member you will receive a 10% Discount on the Pro Plan. Check the members’ area for details.

Cerys Keneally

Can you tell us all about what you do? 

My name is Cerys Keneally and I help children’s activity providers to get into schools and nurseries without cold calling, so you can grow your business with confidence and have a bigger impact on children’s lives. For Franchise Networks Having worked directly with more than 30 leading brands within the children’s activity industry, I deliver engaging and interactive training for franchise networks who want to introduce or improve a nationwide strategy for growing their brand in partnership with schools and nurseries. For Individual Providers 1000s of children’s activity providers have been through the “Get Your Business Into Schools & Nurseries” free challenge and 100s have been supported to make more sales from schools or nurseries via the Approaching Schools Academy. This is my signature programme with a step-by-step sales strategy you can use to feel good about marketing and selling to schools or nurseries all year round.

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

I became a partner with ICAP because I love collaborating with others to support the children’s activity industry. I truly believe that when we work together as a sector, everyone wins! I really align with ICAP’s values and it’s been fantastic to be involved with the network by sharing knowledge with members and contributing value at events. ICAP is an organisation I feel happy to signpost my members to, knowing they’ll be supported.

As an ICAP member you will receive a 20% off the full price of  Cerys’ signature programme “Approaching Schools Academy”. Check the members’ area for details.

Meet Katie, founder of Little Starts Gift Card

Little Starts Gift Card

Can you tell us all about what you do? 

The Little Starts Gift Card is the UK’s leading multi-brand gift card for baby, toddler and preschool classes, helping people gift experiences at classes to little ones and their grown-ups, instead of unwanted things.

Partners accepting Little Starts Gift Cards as payment for their classes benefit from free marketing of their brand and the introduction of customers with Little Starts Gift Cards to spend, earning them money from filling empty spaces. And you can even earn commission; all with minimal input from you and your team.

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

Like ICAP, we’re passionate about driving growth and innovation in the Children’s Activity sector. Backed by specialists from the Gift Card world, we help children’s activity providers tap into the UK’s £7 billion gift card and stored credit market, by selling Little Starts Gift Card in channels it would be difficult to access on their own, providing a brand new revenue stream for them as we introduce customers with gift cards to spend with their classes.

It’s fantastic to be part of a like minded organization helping to raise standards and drive positive change across the industry.

We’re partnering with brands and activity providers across the UK to add their classes to the Little Starts Gift Card programme and would love to work with you too.

To find out how to join today email: or visit Become An Activity Provider

Meet Nigel, CEO of Trustist


Can you tell us all about what you do? 

Trustist work with a large number of children’s activities businesses, helping them to boost their traffic and sales by collecting and utilising customer reviews. 

Once we help businesses start collecting new reviews, we don’t stop there, we also have integrations with Facebook, Twitter and Google Posts which do Auto Posts to your social account for any 4 or 5-star reviews received. 

To find out how Trustist can help your business, book a free demonstration by selecting a date and time to suit you here – 

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?


In an industry so dependent on trust, reviews can really make the difference. We’ve therefore set out to make it as easy as possible for children’s activities businesses to collect and continually benefit from customer reviews. Some of our most successful clients have been those within the sector, and it’s been extremely rewarding to see the incredible feedback they’ve received from their clients.

Meet Tim & Alec, Book That In founders

Book That In​

Can you tell us all about what you do? 

Book That In is the fastest-growing online booking system for children’s activities in the UK. Dedicated to helping you to grow your business, we have processed over £7 million in bookings since our launch in 2017 and enabled over 200,000 people to find and book activities they will enjoy. We support you by automating your booking admin, freeing up your time to focus on and grow your business (or just relax for a change!) 

Loved by small businesses and large, our clients include everything from owner-run activity providers to Local Authorities. More than just a system that processes bookings and payments, all Book That In clients get free advertising with Toddle About, the one-stop-shop for everything baby and toddler in the UK, helping you to attract new customers and grow. Book That in is also perfect for franchises, with centralised reporting and automated collection of franchisor fees. 

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

Having worked, one way or another, to champion children’s activities for over 13 years, we’re dedicated to supporting the industry and helping activity providers grow and fulfil their potential. We’ve been so impressed with the work ICAP is doing for children’s activities sector, and the ICAP community of business owners is so vibrant, ambitious and supportive, how could we not get involved?!

ICAP members can claim FREE Done-For-You Account Set Up  to make it quick and painless to move over to Book That In.


Can you tell us all about what you do? 

Pebble is a fast-growing marketplace and management software for everything childcare related. We work with businesses in the early years industry all throughout the UK to increase exposure through our marketing efforts and strategic partnerships while also providing a seamless booking journey for providers and parents. 

We pride ourselves on providing world-class customer service to anyone who uses our platform. Having partnered with businesses of all sizes, we are confident that our team and our software can provide value to a wide range of businesses within the industry. 

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

At Pebble, we are committed to empowering parents by helping them find quality childcare and classes, and offering valuable resources to activity providers. Our partnership with ICAP allows us to collaborate, share knowledge, and enhance the well-being of children. Together, we can drive positive change, promote safety, and support the industry’s growth.

We also want to make sure we are always up to date on industry trends. As a marketplace, we need to ensure we are in tune with what challenges activity providers are facing and how Pebble can provide support wherever possible. We are excited to be part of ICAP’s vibrant community and contribute to the success of the children’s activity sector. If you are interested in knowing more about our platform feel free to contact us or schedule a demo.

As an ICAP member you will receive a 1-month commission free on Pebble. See the members’ area for more details.

Dot & Stripe

Can you tell us all about what you do? 

Dot & Stripe is an award-winning marketing consultancy for children’s activities providers and family focused businesses, led by Tamara Holland. 

We work with franchisors, franchisees and independent businesses to nail down the best marketing strategies to get you results. Tamara’s been on both sides of the children’s activities industry  as a franchisee and leading the marketing for a franchise. She gets it  sharing the joy of what you do with your perfect customers can be a bit tricky. Maybe you’re not quite ready for the DIY route or don’t have the budget to fully outsource. 

We’ve got the expertise, the support. and the accountability to make sure your marketing is not just done but done in a way that’s absolutely perfect for  you.

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

When ICAP calling it’s an opportunity not to be missed. To be aligned with this amazing community and other suppliers is hugely rewarding. We are all passionate about supporting Children’s Activities Providers to be the best they can be and I can’t wait to share how marketing can help you do that. 

As an ICAP member you can get 10% off Tamara’s Program. See the members’ area for more details. 

Atlas Mapping

Can you tell us all about what you do? 

Atlas Mapping has been supporting companies in the children’s activity sector for over 12 years. Mostly this is supporting frachisors to figure out what to award as a franchise territory and providing software to help manage the network. 

Many of our clients are newly formed franchises who are just starting out on the franchise journey. Our services range from entry level support to help get those first few franchisees on board, right the way through to larger scale projects to plan every territory across the country and beyond. 

Why did you become a partner with ICAP?

We wanted to partner with ICAP as the community means a lot to us and we’ve seen first hand the amazing relationships and support members bring each other. If there’s any problem a member has about growing geographically, franchising or not, we’re always happy to have a conversation. 

ICAP members receive a 10% discount on all mapping projects with Atlas Mapping. See the members’ area for more details. 

Become a member to take advantage of our partners special offers

Pip Wilkins

Pip Wilkins is the Chief Executive of the British Franchise Association (bfa). With 25 years’ experience in the franchise sector, Pip has worked her way up within the Association, gaining insight from all areas of the business and the franchise industry. She is well-known and highly regarded in franchising for her dedication and depth of knowledge. Pip regularly speaks at conferences and seminars both domestically and internationally, as well as writing on franchising matters for national, local and franchising trade press. Pip is also a regular judge for the annual bfa HSBC Franchise Awards, the Franchise Marketing Awards and Global Franchise Awards. Pip represents the UK at both the European Franchise Federation (EFF) and World Franchise Council (WFC). The bfa has grown to be one of the largest franchise associations in Europe, and one of the most successful associations in the world.

Theo Millward

Theo Millward is a graduate of Lancaster University with a BBA in Management. In 2016 Theo purchased UK swim school, Swimtime from the founders which teaches 20,000 children a week. Following a multi-award- winning digital transformation, during the global pandemic, Theo and his team founded Franscape, a saas that digitally transforms Franchise brands. FranScape won New Business of the Year at the UK Business Awards.

Andy Georgiou

Andy is the Founder of ICAP and a leading UK Franchise Business Consultant. He is fiercely committed to helping children’s activity providers build successful and profitable businesses. With qualifications in Business Management, Digital Media and Marketing, he has helped build, advise and grow leading 6 and 7 fiqure children’s education, sports and activity brands in the past 17 years.

Frank Sahlein

Frank has been active in the Children’s Activity Center industry as an athlete, coach, business owner, consultant and business broker. He is a native of San Mateo, California and graduated from San Jose State University in California (USA).
Frank was a pioneer of the Children’s Learning Opportunity Center concept from 1976 – 2016 at the Wings Center in Boise, Idaho (USA) – a blend of Sports Instruction, Arts, Education, Entertainment and Outreach programs.
As a business management innovator, Frank has delivered over 1,000 presentations for a variety of Children’s Activity Center industries such as gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading, dance, martial arts/ninja and child care/education.
3rd Level Consulting is a Business Development and Service Provider Partner for private industry companies, associations, and organizations in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Panama.
Two-time recipient of the National Business Leader Award from USA Gymnastics, Frank is the author of “Building Your Business Potential” and “Designing Your Empowered Life”. He is the creator of the SmartEDGE™ Business Applications and Management Certification Courses. He is the co-founder of LEAP Learning and the MetaSpheres Corp, and is the founder and Executive Director of the International Association of Child Development Programs.
His passions include his beautiful wife Lourdes Gonzalez, family, friends, fitness training, transformational reading and travel.