Useful Free Resources for Children’s Activity Providers

Now firmly in the UK summer holidays, we hope you’re managing to take some time off or at least have some planned in the near future.

We spoke recently about the essential need to switch off this summer and glad to hear from so many of our members they are doing just that.

ICAP celebrated 12 months of operating recently and we are really excited about the future supporting the children’s activity sector, including news of the ICAP Conference 2021 we’ll be running in London this October.

We’ve also been doing some reflecting on what we’ve achieved and some of that has included releasing free content to the sector, which we hope you’ve managed to find useful. We’re also constantly inspired by other organisations content ideas and wanted to share some of the free guides and pieces we’ve come across that others may find useful too.

1. Digital Marketing On A Budget: Effective tactics to help you promote your business online
This super useful free guide by Informi gives some great insights into a range of marketing tactics and channels you can take advantage without spending a huge amount, including SEO, email marketing, Facebook and simply getting started.

2. How to Successful Build & Grow a Children’s Activity Business: Fifty Top Tips
We created this one and it’s been downloaded and viewed over a thousands times since release. Every tip in this guide has been carefully crafted based on our own experienced on building and operating successful children’s activity businesses.

3. Simple Website Guide/Template
This super resource by Party Business Growth Solutions visually lays out what a great website in 2021 looks like and how easy it is to copy whether designing your own site or as part of your talks with a web designer. 

4. Social Media Strategy Guide
This workbook was created by social media platform Hootsuite, so you can trust they know a thing or two about running successful channels and campaigns across social media.

5. How to Franchise Your Business
A simple and straight-forward guide for activity providers interested in franchising their business and understanding what is involved and how to get started.

6. Best Business Banking
A useful guide by Simply Business on what to look for in a business bank account and top providers operating accounts you can consider.

7. 13 Questions Workbook
A simple workbook we designed to help people rethink their purpose, plan their restart and anchor thoughts for their business long term.

8. The Future of the Children’s Activities Sector
ICAP collaborated with over 30 providers last year to produce this report which focused on opinion across the sector in various areas in terms of what the future holds for the sector, both short and long-term.

We hope you find them useful and be sure to look out for a new guide we are releasing in the coming weeks about ‘lessons learnt’ while running a children’s activity business. With over 20 guest contributors, this is sure to be a useful one to read. Wishing you a wonderful summer holiday.

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